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Latest Columns

How to Avoid Post Show Rebound
FEMALE MUSCLE - Tammy Strome
After weeks of strict diet and intense training, show day is finally done. You’re now entering the post-show phase. When you’re new to competing, this phase can cause a lot of anxiety; images of out-... more
The Dangers of Creatinine
Ask the Scientist - Jeff Golini
Creatinine, not to be confused with the supplement creatine, is a “bio-waste” formed as creatine is metabolized in the body. However, this compound is also produced from unstable creatine activated... more
Chew gum to kill cravings Does chewing gum help you eat less because it suppresses your appetite, or does the flavour take care of your craving? In one study, researchers from Glasgow found that... more
Supplement-related eating disorders in men Eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorders, and other body-related emotional disorders are rampant in the fitness industry, but they’ve remained taboo for... more
Health Zone - Hypoxia - Stress - Broccoli
Muscle Talk - Jaime Filer
Hypoxia for hypertrophy Phil Heath is Mr. Olympia because he trains hard, diets hard, and is genetically gifted. But what if training in Colorado is also a “gift”? Japanese researchers have shown... more
GRID: A League of Its Own
Muscle Talk - Jaime Filer
“(GRID is the) world’s first professional spectator sport with co-ed teams competing in human performance races.” – Tony Budding, first CEO of the National Pro Grid League, and former director of... more