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Can Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness Be Avoided? By John Robert Cardillo
John Robert Cardillo - John Robert Cardillo
Muscle soreness is a result of muscle damage. After a high-intensity workout, there is delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) because of the neuromuscular damage caused to the nerves connected to the... more
Principles of HIT3 Training with John Robert Cardillo
John Robert Cardillo - John Robert Cardillo
Unlike other training programs which are easier to perform because they demand less intensity of effort, the HIT3 system of high-intensity exercise is challenging and requires extreme commitment.... more
How Muscles Grow By John Cardillo
John Robert Cardillo - John Robert Cardillo
Muscles are composed of bundles of muscle cells, which are referred to as muscle fibres. Each contains many myofibrils, which are made up of actin and myosin filaments. When performing high-intensity... more
Chocolate Protein Hummus
Michelle Ralph-Larose - Michelle Ralph-Larose
This creamy, delicious dish is perfect as a snack and for sharing while pairing with your favourite fruits, nuts or crackers. Try spreading over your pancake for brunch. Here is what you will need... more
How Fasting Is Anti Aging
John Robert Cardillo - John Robert Cardillo
We now know that fasting releases high levels of HGH in any person practicing the dietary ritual. Fasting releases ketones, which delays aging during the fasting period. Researchers say we can stop... more
The pituitary gland is extremely important for the generation of human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone is the catalyst for many actions that the human body engages in, including body growth, the... more