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There’s a common question that always arises when you’re training: “When do I take an unscheduled day off training; is it when I feel sore or tired?” Most people just suck it up and go train... more
In every competition season, I have the opportunity to travel to cities across Canada and the USA for various shows, ranging from regional level to IFBB Pro. Because of my exposure to so many regions... more
There’s a general misunderstanding about what it takes to compete at the IFBB Pro level. I’m not talking about genetics, work ethic, and/or commitment. What most people get wrong is that they think... more
Abs on the Road
Phenomenal Abdominals - Markus Kaulius
As a small business owner, I’m on the road a lot. Magnum Nutraceuticals is available in more than 50 countries worldwide, which means I spend a fair amount of time living the hotel life. I’m never... more
What’s the best way to ensure you have a peeled, full, vascular, and dry physique onstage for show day? Well, start by burning off every morsel of body fat that’s covering your hard-earned muscle.... more
Carb Back-Loading Myth
Muscle Diet - Mark Gilbert
Okay, in the physique world, there are now so many types of diet, training, and prep that even I get confused. Not only that, but some people in the industry ascribe different meanings to the same... more