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Product Reviews

SINFIT Protein Chips have made their entry into the Canadian market with an initial launch in Ketchup and Pizza flavours, with a... [More]
Pump Sauce
At the recent Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio, our Muscle Insider team had the opportunity to meet with owners Jordan... [More]
There’s no question that the market is full of pre-workouts, where every brand tries to grab the attention of consumers with... [More]
GAT Sport
We recently had the chance to get our hands on the new GAT Sport NITRAFLEX Kaos pre-workout. This is a high-performance pre-... [More]
ALLMAX Nutrition
In the ever-evolving world of sports nutrition, where the quest for the perfect supplement blend that promises to optimize muscle... [More]
Introducing the highly anticipated global launch of the MUTANT Orange Series, featuring the tantalizing flavors of Orange RUSH... [More]
The secret is out and PVL does not disappoint! PVL releases the new Orange Collection Total Performance Stack. You can refresh... [More]
MuscleTech has not been shy about introducing new products into the market recently. Take the brand new MuscleTech Plant Protein... [More]
It was pretty cool when the announcement was made early last year, that Pure Vita Labs (PVL) was expanding their partnership with... [More]
After a really drawn out trial, Aaron Singerman was sentenced to 54 months earlier this year for his role in Blackstone Labs... [More]
If you’re anything like us, chances are you’ve enjoyed an energy drink or two. It’s no secret that Bang Energy has positioned its... [More]
Purely Inspired® Nutrition has announced the extension of its Wellness Made Easy campaign that started on May 3, through Sunday,... [More]