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Product Reviews

It was just recently announced that Ballistic Labs has signed IFBB Figure Pro Alicia Bell to the team. Alicia is an Online Coach... [More]
If you are planning to be in the Scarborough, Ontario area this coming Saturday, December 4th, be sure to stop into Popeye’s... [More]
It was announced earlier this year that Torque Lifestyle Brands Inc. (“Torque”) entered a manufacturing joint venture partnership... [More]
For hardcore gym rats, you can never go wrong with a pre-workout that kicks your training in the next gear. Dragon Pharma’s... [More]
Our good friends at PricePlow recently broke the news about the new Alpha Supps Pump, non-stimulant pre-workout. The new Alpha... [More]
In 2018, Shawn Wells co-founded Ingenious Ingredients L.P. along with Dr. Ralf Jaeger, Dr. Martin Purpura, and Kylin Liao. They... [More]
It is so exciting to see the world starting to get back to business, as COVID restrictions start to loosen up. This weekend our... [More]
Earlier this year, the team at Glaxon shared a big teaser with us all via social media, when they announced a “big drop” was... [More]
Earlier this month, we shared with you all details of the new ALLMAX Nutrition Rapidcuts Thermo, the brand's hot new non-... [More]
At the 2021 Olympia, we had a chance to catch up with Bang Energy’s CEO Jack Owoc, to discuss some of the exciting new additions... [More]
Allmax has introduced their first cutting-edge non-stimulant fat burner – Rapidcuts® Thermo. This powerful new addition to their... [More]
As we approached closer to the 2021 Olympia, we were seeing updates slowly surfacing about the new MUTANT ALL-IN Pre-Workout that... [More]