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Product Reviews

Skinny Roti
Waist trainers really started to gain mainstream popularity when celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian publicly... [More]
Justgo Smoothie
Justgo Smoothie is a family-owned and operated business, founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada. With consumers' lives continually... [More]
EFX Sports
There is no denying that Covid-19 is the topic on every person’s mind these days. Adding to the stress many people are... [More]
ANS Performance
ANS Performance Keto Pancake Mix has become a popular favourite, for fitness fans looking for great keto-friendly options. The... [More]
Iovate (makers of MuscleTech®, Six Star Pro Nutrition®, Purely Inspired®, Hydroxycut®, and the soon-to-be released Conscious... [More]
Convenient Nutrtion
A new keto-friendly protein snack is hitting retail stores across Canada. The new Convenient Nutrition Keto Wheyfer is light,... [More]
A growing concern within the Sports Nutrition industry for many years now, has been the counterfeiting of products around the... [More]
Optimum Nutrition
If you have been looking for the Gold Standard when it comes to pre-workout, Optimum Nutrition has you covered. Optimum Nutrition... [More]
Optimum Nutrition
For many long-time fitness fanatics, Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy has been a staple in their sports nutrition cupboard. As a... [More]
We first shared the news last year, that Fouad Abiad was launching a new supplement line by the name of Hosstile. We’ve got the... [More]
EFX Sports
EFX Sports Kre-A-Tor is a Canadian exclusive pre-workout that has recently launched to the marketplace. Formulated by Dr. Jeff... [More]
Redcon1 has teased their loyal followers North of the border, with two new exclusive Canadian flavours of the popular Total War... [More]