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Scott Welch BASc. (Nutrition)

Known in the industry as "The Supplement Genius" Scott Welch has devoted his career studying performance enhancement and weight loss through dietary intervention. He received a bachelor of applied science degree in Nutrition from Ryerson University and later completed a post-graduate certificate in advertising. He’s had countless interactions with leading scientists, doctors, and hundreds of trainers from around the world, giving him a unique perspective that others lack. Welch founded MUSCLE INSIDER in 2009.

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Can Supplements Cause Me To Fail A Drug Test?

QUESTION: I’m drug tested at work and if I’m caught using “anything” I lose my job! I’ve heard supplements can cause someone to fail a drug test. Is this true?

ANSWER: Yes, this is very much true. American track and field sprinter, Philippe DeRosier learned that the hard way and sued a top supplement company for $1.8 million dollars! The track star was suspended for six months, having failed a drug test after ingesting a supplement. He tested positive for the banned stimulant methylhexanamine, thereby forfeiting his earnings from his a track meet in Turkey. According to industry sources, this lawsuit helped expedite the banning of Geranium Oil Extract (a.k.a. 1,3-dimethylamylamine ak.a. DMAA) in many products on the market. Other names that this ingredient comes under include: methylhexaneamine; dimethylpentylamine; 4-methylhexan-2-amine; 4-methyl-2-hexylamine; 4-methyl-2-hexanamine; 2-amino-4-methylhexane; Geranium Oil; Geranium Root Extract; Constituent of Geranalean; Geranium [Stem]; Geranamine®, Forthan, Forthane, and Floradrene). There are other ingredients that can cause one to fail a drug test but it would fill this whole column. If you're worried about testing positive for one substance or another, ask your employer for a list of substances tested for. If any of the above are on the list, there are measures you can take to pass the test but that's for another post!