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They're four components to physical activity: frequency (how often), intensity (how hard), type (what kind), and time (how long). In a recent study, researchers found that time and intensity of... more
In past studies, calcium has been reported to enhance fat-loss efforts while in a caloric deficit. This could be due to reduced appetite, reduced dietary fat absorption, and/or increased use of fat... more
Pick up any fitness magazine and you’ll see countless ab-training routines, all promising you a rock-hard sixpack! But not at MUSCLE INSIDER, because we know that’s bullshit! But don’t just take our... more
We know eating high-protein foods (approximately 30 percent of daily caloric energy coming from protein) is ideal for fat loss and muscle sparing, but nutritionists at a college in the United States... more
Lean Body Mass And Your Metabolism
Uncensored - Scott Welch
Scientists have long realized the importance of lean body mass (LBM) in relation to metabolism. The hardest thing about dieting isn’t figuring out a way to lose weight; there are plenty of ways to do... more
Getting Ripped With BCAAs
Athlete Insider - Domenic Mauro
Getting ripped means dropping your body fat to at least below the 8 percent mark for men and 12 percent for women. Now, we can all diet, but the real trick isn’t losing weight; it’s losing fat and... more