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Latest Columns

Bye Bye, Beef Burger
Vegan Fitness - Nimai Delgado
Plant-based burgers are all the rage … but are they good for you? In my younger years as a vegetarian, I’d sometimes be in the mood for something rich, wholesome, and traditionally hearty. On those... more
How Much Is Too Much?
For The Competitor - Ashleigh Atkinson
How to better schedule your competitions for both sanity and success Being bitten by the competition bug can lead to the compulsion to step onstage repeatedly in a season. For some, this may be... more
Pull-ups vs. Chin-ups
Freak Fitness - Darren Mehling
Muscle Insider examines the similarities and differences It has been widely accepted for a long time that pull-ups and/or chin-ups are two of the best exercises for developing strength and... more
The nutrition habits of Arnold and other famed Old-School bodybuilders Many things have changed since I was a competitive bodybuilder training at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California, back in the... more
Chicken and Jalapeno Waffles
Baking With Bayan - Bayan Sharafi
Release your inner chef with this protein-packed meal that adds a little kick to this southern staple. INGREDIENTS 160 g shredded chicken, cooked 130 g macaroni, cooked 65 g low-fat cheddar... more
Can a positive attitude and hard work in the gym trump your genetics? What’s the difference between those winning shows and those who never seem to break into the top three? How can some athletes... more