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Hydrolysed whey protein, known as WPH (whey protein hydrolysate) to industry insiders, has all of the most important features of whey but with an important distinction, making it the ultimate protein... more
In my 20-plus years in the sport of bodybuilding, one thing has always remained the same: Everyone wants to gain muscle faster and lose body fat quicker. Along with nutrition and training being the... more
If you know anyone who’s been to a gym in the last 20 years, you’ve heard of creatine. If you’ve been in a gym for the last 20, then I bet you’ve used it. It is without question the most famous... more
We started Muscle Insider back in 2009 with one goal: To educate bodybuilders on the science of building muscle, losing fat and gaining strength. SCIENCE is what separates us from the rest, and it’s... more
Have you ever heard the story of the golden goose? It’s an old incredibly old fable—literally about a goose that one day laid a golden egg. Rather than waiting to see if the goose would lay another... more
Promax Sells Company
Uncensored - Scott Welch
After 20 years on the market, Promax Nutrition (makers of the Promax bar) have sold their company to NuGo Nutrition. Promax bars have been around since 1996 and we all have a Promax story. I used to... more