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Anytime anyone finds out I had cancer, it's always met with, "oh wow, I'm so sorry to hear that." To be honest, I know that's something everyone  would naturally say, but there's nothing to be sorry... more
Supplement Godfather - Don Gauvreau
What Is Thunder God Vine? Thunder god vine, also known as Tripterygium wilfordi, comes from the plant family Celastracea, and has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of... more
After all these years, barely a week goes by in which I don’t get asked about ketogenic dieting or carb cycling (usually both). So to settle all debate, let’s look at the main benefits and drawbacks... more
Nutrition for Abdominals
Phenomenal Abdominals - Markus Kaulius
Many of you will hate me after reading this article. In it, I’m going to tell you some truths about having a six-pack that most people won’t. These are terrible truths. If you don’t want to know them... more
How I Train for Competition
Bigger and Badder - Ron Partlow
Let me tell you this: If you want to get ripped and compete, one thing you should never forget is that nothing is more metabolic than keeping all your muscle. For all intents and purposes, muscle is... more
Training when Sick
Sports Medicine - Dr. Ken Kinakin
You wake up sneezing, coughing, achy, feverish, with a “can’t move a muscle” feeling, and you have a heavy leg workout later today. Should you push through and do your normal heavy leg workout, take... more