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Motivation is an important concept in psychology. It’s widely used by the fitness industry – it seems like everyone is looking for motivation or is looking to be motivational for others. With a... more
Arthur Jones
John Robert Cardillo - John Robert Cardillo
Q. Arthur Jones had a training philosophy that was totally opposite to how bodybuilders were training at the time. Tell us about Arthur Jones. A. Jones was ahead of his time. His method of training... more
5 Reasons You Are Not Getting the Best Results in the Gym
Phenomenal Abdominals - Markus Kaulius
It’s just so frustrating—you put time and effort into your physique, but you can’t see any improvement. We’ve all felt this way at some point in our fitness journey. The good news: You are still in... more
Pumpkin Protein Cream Pie
- Bayan Sharafi
Enjoy traditionally as a pie or just go with the filling in a bowl! INGREDIENTS 200 g pumpkin puree 250 g plain Greek yogurt 200 g Lite Cool Whip 20 g vanilla protein powder ½ tsp caramel... more
You gotta try this tasty recipe! INGREDIENTS 1 medium avocado 2 eggs 80 g roast beef, cooked 1 small tomato, diced ⅛ cup green onions, minced 15 g feta cheese Salt and pepper DIRECTIONS 1.... more
Curb Your Anxiety
- Daniela DeFeo
By: Daniela DeFeo  In a matter of weeks, our normal, everyday routines have been halted, disrupting life as we know it by the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s the hot topic - top of the hour, every hour from... more