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By Bayan Sharafi Protein Cookie Dough Cone Forget the ice cream … this is your new treat in a cone INGREDIENTS 30 g vanilla casein protein 3 tbsp unsweetened applesauce 15 g peanut butter... more
By Bayan Sharafi Banana Loaf Protein Waffle Breakfast will never be the same again! INGREDIENTS 50 g oat flour (blend your oats into powder) 100 g banana, mashed 1/4 tsp maple extract 1/4... more
By Jim Stoppani, PhD Squeeze extra size gains out of your arms and legs with the novel occlusion training technique. If you’ve tried everything to get your arms or legs to grow and they still won’t... more
By Darren Mehling, CSCS Many of you may be looking to hire a contest prep coach. I firmly believe everyone will benefit from having a coach by their side on the way to the stage. Hiring the right... more
By Dr. Jeff Golini Don’t just trust your gut on stomach issues … listen to Dr. Golini Many athletes are confused about which is better when the subject of prebiotics and probiotics comes up.... more
Curb your appetite by filling up on foods that are high in volume and digest slowly At the root of all successful fat-loss strategies is one key concept—a calorie deficit. Unfortunately, a calorie... more