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Why Am I Not Gaining Size?
John Robert Cardillo - John Robert Cardillo
Q. Hi John, I’ve been lifting weights for approximately 2 hours a day, 6 times a week for the last year. I’ve gotten leaner but I’m not gaining size. I know you’re really big into the less volume... more
No Coffee Before Training
Muscle Diet - Mark Gilbert
QUESTION: When I can’t be bothered to use my pre-workout supplement or when I run out, I just use plain old coffee before training. Are pre-workout products really that much better than coffee?... more
Using High-Intensity Training To Build Lean Muscle
John Robert Cardillo - John Robert Cardillo
By: John Cardillo  The fundamental principle of exercise science is that weight training is anaerobic exercise, rather than aerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise is geared to the development of... more
Training when Sick
Sports Medicine - Dr. Ken Kinakin
You wake up sneezing, coughing, achy, feverish, with a “can’t move a muscle” feeling, and you have a heavy leg workout later today. Should you push through and do your normal heavy leg workout, take... more
Sweet Potato Protein Breakfast Bowl
Michelle Ralph-Larose - Michelle Ralph-Larose
This warm seasonal bowl is full of nutritional comfort. Perfect for a pre-workout meal and is immune boosting. This autumn spiced recipe makes 4 bowls and easy to meal prep for future eating (stays... more
Will Doubling Your Workouts Double Your Gains?
Freak Fitness - Darren Mehling
Twice-daily training, popularized by Arnold, has its proponents and detractors. Here’s what you need to know before taking the plunge. In his prime, I think it’s fair to say that Arnold’s physique... more