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Soft, Delicate, Moist and will fill your soul with macro goodness.Macros: ( Whole Loaf) 45g Protein 87g Carbohydrates 49g Fat Ingredients: 2 ripe Bananas 1/3 cup Coconut Oil or Butter * I mix both... more
Good manufacturing practices (GMPs) were set in motion as a response to concerns over substandard manufacturing procedures within the pharmaceutical industry. The first set of GMP regulations was... more
In 1991, I began pursuing a future as a competitive bodybuilder. Despite bad genetics, I was able to gain a respectable amount of muscle through hard work and the application of science. It seemed... more
Has your growth and strength decreased recently, despite your training harder than ever? If the answer is yes, excessive stress created through training, lifestyle, or both may be prohibiting proper... more
Two common topics in health and fitness conversations these days are fasting and cleansing. There’s certainly no shortage of marketing hype as to what it means to cleanse or fast. It’s important to... more
Today I’m going to talk about something that’s guaranteed to make you uncomfortable. It may even scare you or cause you to cry uncontrollably. I’m talking about—wait for it—taking a break from... more