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Protein supplements were novel in the 1950s, but Rheo Blair created a milk and egg powder that was years ahead of its time. Rheo H. Blair, a 1950s bodybuilder at a time when the sport was barely a... more
Twice-daily training, popularized by Arnold, has its proponents and detractors. Here’s what you need to know before taking the plunge. In his prime, I think it’s fair to say that Arnold’s physique... more
GMOs, pesticides and radiation are used in delivering foods to the market. Now may be the time to consider going “organic.” Organic foods are more popular today than ever, thanks mainly to the... more
Do carbs boost creatine uptake, or is that just bro-science? To this day, I get asked the following question more than any other when it comes to creatine: “Do I need to take it with sugar to make... more
Part I: The promising medicinal effects were detected nearly 5,000 years ago Cannabis plants, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica, have been used for centuries for their nutritional value and... more
Two techniques in particular—seated curls and cheating curls—can help you take advantage of the strongest part of your curl for greater gains in size and strength. Every exercise you do has a “... more