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The excitement and glamour of competition day is undeniable. The culmination of months of hard work peaks on a single day as you show it off onstage. You’ve sculpted an enviable physique, which you’... more
Hate doing cardio after weights? Then don’t. Combine the two for maximal fat burning—and no extra time spent in the gym! Do you love to hate cardio? I know the feeling. You spend an hour or so... more
Nimai “The Plant Slayer” Delgado joins our editorial team as our vegan lifestyle columnist. People are often in awe at my accomplishments and physique as the first vegan IFBB pro. Most are quick to... more
Best before dates on supplement labels and what they really mean. So, you finally get around to cleaning out your kitchen pantry and cupboards and you find a bunch of opened and half-used... more
3 High-Protein Recipes
Baking With Bayan - Bayan Sharafi
Chocolate Peanut Butter Vegan Protein Waffle Ingredients: 70 g gluten-free flour 33 g chocolate sprouted grain protein 2 Tbsp peanut butter 200 mL almond milk 1 Tbsp stevia 1 tsp baking powder... more
There are several different ways to make EAAs and BCAAs, but many low-cost BCAA and EAA supplements are manufactured using less than desirable methods. As the demand for cheaper amino acid... more