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Latest Columns

4 Pre-Contest Tips for an Elite Physique
Elite Physique - Dan Kennedy
Much can be said about getting in shape for a show, I’d like to share four strategies that will make your contest prep easier and in turn yield better results on the podium. Pre-Contest Tip 1:Adjust... more
Bye Bye, Beef Burger
Vegan Fitness - Nimai Delgado
Plant-based burgers are all the rage … but are they good for you? In my younger years as a vegetarian, I’d sometimes be in the mood for something rich, wholesome, and traditionally hearty. On those... more
How Much Is Too Much?
For The Competitor - Ashleigh Atkinson
How to better schedule your competitions for both sanity and success Being bitten by the competition bug can lead to the compulsion to step onstage repeatedly in a season. For some, this may be... more
Pull-ups vs. Chin-ups
Freak Fitness - Darren Mehling
Muscle Insider examines the similarities and differences It has been widely accepted for a long time that pull-ups and/or chin-ups are two of the best exercises for developing strength and... more
The nutrition habits of Arnold and other famed Old-School bodybuilders Many things have changed since I was a competitive bodybuilder training at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California, back in the... more
Release your inner chef with these three easy-to-prepare healthful, protein-packed meals Chicken and Jalapeno Waffles Adding a little kick to this southern staple   INGREDIENTS 160 g shredded... more