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Latest Columns

Maintaining Muscle Fullness
East Coast Muscle - Chris Johnson
QUESTION: Hey Chris quick question I’m having a hard time maintaining muscle fullness, usually when I eat my stomach gets kind of bloated and my muscles look really flat but when my stomach is... more
Should You Eat 6 Meals Per Day?
The Bodybuilding Professor - Bryan Haycock
Q. Is it really necessary to eat six meals a day rather than three meals for building muscle or losing fat?  A. The short answer is no, but I’m horrible at giving short answers. For fat loss, eating... more
Choosing A Multivitamin
Medibolics - Michael Mooney
QUESTION: What should I look for when choosing a multivitamin/mineral supplement? Are there things I should watch out for? Dangers? How do I know if I have a high quality product? ANSWER: The... more
Lab Testing Your Gear
Anabolic Insider - William Llewellyn
QUESTION: I’ve been reading some of your old articles, and see you’ve lab tested a lot of steroids. I want to test something. Is it expensive? What should I test for exactly? Where do I have it... more
QUESTION: Is it better to squat to parallel or below parallel? ANSWER: It really depends on the goals. Certainly a full squat tends to hit more overall musculature. You get quads with a lot of... more
GH Gut
Elite Physique - Dan Kennedy
QUESTION: I know to get to the higher levels of competition I am going to have to use GH. I’m ready to take the plunge but I don’t want a GH gut. What can I do? ANSWER: I’m not totally convinced... more