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Latest Columns

Pre-Contest Mistakes
Elite Physique - Dan Kennedy
QUEST: What are the most common errors a competitor makes when they are prepping for their first show? ANSWER: When I initially work with a competitive athlete I like to see what they’ve done... more
Gainer Causing Diarrhea
Muscle Diet - Mark Gilbert
QUESTION: When I drink BSN'S TRUE MASS, I get diarrhea and need to sprint to the bathroom before I shit my pants! Should I switch to straight whey protein? ANSWER: First of all, BSN Is a well... more
Is Methyltestosterone Good For Gaining Size?
Anabolic Insider - William Llewellyn
QUESTION: I’ve picked up a box of methyltestosterone from Aburaihan. Everyone says it’s a terrible steroid to take and its only good for aggression. Can I make any gains on it? ANSWER:... more
QUESTION: Should bodybuilders be doing cardio before or after training? ANSWER: Many guys perform cardiovascular work before strength training. Trainers may recommend working on fat burning first by... more
Tagamet For Heartburn
The Celebrity Trainer - Rehan Jalali
QUESTION: I’m 260 pounds of solid beef. You get in my way, I’ll throw you off a dock like a tuna fish! I’m gonna one day be an IFBB Pro! My diet is clean but I sometimes get heartburn. I take... more
What does GMP mean?
Supplement Godfather - Don Gauvreau
QUESTION: What does GMP mean? I notice that some supplements say they’re manufactured in a GMP facility. What exactly does that mean? Does it mean the supplements have been tested and are safe?... more