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Tagamet For Heartburn
The Celebrity Trainer - Rehan Jalali
QUESTION: I’m 260 pounds of solid beef. You get in my way, I’ll throw you off a dock like a tuna fish! I’m gonna one day be an IFBB Pro! My diet is clean but I sometimes get heartburn. I take... more
What does GMP mean?
Supplement Godfather - Don Gauvreau
QUESTION: What does GMP mean? I notice that some supplements say they’re manufactured in a GMP facility. What exactly does that mean? Does it mean the supplements have been tested and are safe?... more
QUESTION: Charles, should I be doing low-intensity cardio to maximize fat loss or high-intensity cardio? Some contest trainers say lower intensity is best for losing fat fast.  ANSWER: With low-... more
QUESTION: Hey Domenic, what’s your honest opinion of female bodybuilding? ANSWER: I’m a huge fan of all things bodybuilding—regardless of gender. In my opinion, there’s simply no better way to... more
QUESTION: What’s the craziest example of substance abuse you’ve ever seen in bodybuilding? ANSWER: On YouTube, you can see many examples of dudes snorting pre-workout powders! Yes, the actual powder... more
Best Supplement Review Books
The Celebrity Trainer - Rehan Jalali
QUESTION: What’s the best supplement review book you’ve ever read? The Sports Supplement Buyers Guide by me and Stephen Adele I kid I kid! Some the best Supplement Review books I have read... more