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Damaged Kidneys From Steroids?
Anabolic Freak - Dave Palumbo
QUESTION: I’ve used cycled off and on for 3 years now and I’m scared I might be endangering my kidneys. What blood tests should I ask my doctor for as I want to make sure I have optimal kidney... more
QUESTION: I heard protein prices are going up again soon. Why is this happening, and how much more will I have to pay for my protein powder? ANSWER: Whey protein concentrate standardized for 80%... more
When To Stretch?
Sets & Reps - Mario Mavrides, BSc
QUESTION: I know stretching is important for flexibility, but when should I stretch? Pre-workout? Post-workout? Morning? Before bed? ANSWER: Oh, boy, I’m going to get a lot of hate mail for this... more
Tuna & Onions
BodybuildingCookBook.com - Laura Creavalle
Tuna & Onions Here's what you need:. 1 6.5 oz can of tuna, drained 1 Spanish onion, chopped 1 T. Mrs. Dash garlic and herbs 1 lg tomato, chopped Spray a nonstick skillet with... more
QUESTION: Is it necessary to go for max singles if my goal is to build muscle mass? I understood that the most important factor in building muscle was doing lots of volume, not intensity.  ANSWER: ... more
Exercise Form
Mass With Glass - Charles Glass
QUESTION: You recently put MUSCLE INSIDER owner Scott Welch through an insane leg workout and we saw you do modified leg press unlike anything we've ever seen before. His foot was twisted so much... more