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Off Season Eating Tricks
Uncensored - Scott Welch
We have all been there, training like mad, eating as much as you think you can, taking tons of supplements but the gains are not what you expect. What are you doing wrong? In most cases you're... more
Hygetropin 200 IU GH Kits
Anabolic Insider - William Llewellyn
QUESTION: Bill I love your books and can’t wait for Anabolic 2011 to come out! Must say I'm ecstatic that you're now writing for MUSCLE INSIDER each week! My question to you is I live in Toronto... more
QUESTION: Can bodybuilders get too many minerals and overdose? I’ve never read anything about this, but it seems possible. I’m using 40 mg of zinc from my multi. I also take BIGTEST-100, 2 capsules,... more
QUESTION: Dear Bryan, I started lifting while playing football in high school. Back then, my coaches always told me that low reps were for strength and high reps were for bodybuilding. Now I just... more
QUESTION: Hi Scott, love your magazine bro! I picked it up at copy from Jeff and Dom at your booth at the Ottawa Championships. I’m thinking about doing my first cycle and using Testosterone... more
QUESTION: What are your thoughts on using the 1/6 method and wave loading to increase bench-press strength in the same workout? Does this actually work? Or is it all in the trainee’s head? ANSWER:... more