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Latest Columns

Is Physique the New Bodybuilding
The Romano Factor - John Romano
If we're talking about the women, then you can absolutely say yes. One subtle indication might be the fact there is no longer a Ms. Olympia contest; proof, a jacked girl might reckon, that she'd be... more
The Nutrition Issue of Muscle Insider
Uncensored - Scott Welch
Making the rounds of trending topics du jour in our world, you can always count on sports nutrition to be among them. In our bodybuilding and fitness pursuits, sports nutrition is something with... more
Supplement Tidbits
Muscle Talk - Jaime Filer
A new way to measure kidney function in bodybuilders Creatine has been studied over and over and over again. One thing that comes up repeatedly is its effect on the kidneys. Traditionally,... more
A case for eating frozen white bread As bodybuilders, we avoid white bread like the plague. It’s low in nutrients, high on the glycemic index, and just not great for us. But recently in Britain,... more
Muscle Beach Blast - Aug-Sept 15
Muscle Talk - Jaime Filer
Mecca YouTube Video of the month If you thought last month was insane at Venice Beach, California, just wait until you see what DaveMadMax6 has in store for you this time! We have Ms. Figure... more
Fat Loss Tidbits 3 grams is the magic number for fish oil More studies have come out on the benefits of taking fish oil than practically any other supplement. If you’re not taking it yet, you’re... more