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John Robert Cardillo

John Robert Cardillo

John travelled the world to learn the best training and nutrition principles and trained alongside top pro bodybuilders at Gold's Gym California. He was a student of Arthur Jones, inventor of Nautilus and Medx Fitness machines, and the pioneer of hi-intensity training. John developed the HIT3 Training System, which transformed his physique to win countless bodybuilding competitions at just 18 years of age! He was also the first bodybuilder to utilize Faradic Electric Muscle Stimulation in his training and intermittent fasting during his competition prep. John’s SHREDDED Nutrition Diet helped him build one of the most shredded physiques of all time. His diet program incorporates fasting and nutrient timing to help athletes build lean muscle while losing body fat.

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Is Fat The Problem? By John Robert Cardillo

If imitation is the purest form of flattery, then Adonis and Aphrodite should be honoured to know that they've been emulated for thousands of years. In Greek mythology, Adonis was a rare male beauty; he encompassed everything a man should be. Broad shoulders, a handsome face, and a svelte body were the attributes that defined Adonis as one of the most sought-after premier male physiques in Greek mythology.

On the other hand, Aphrodite was the Goddess of love and was the most beautiful woman in the cosmos. She had a sultry, hourglass figure, a face that melted men on the spot, and was the Goddess of fertility. Both characters from Greek mythology have lived long in the human psyche, and they are often referred to as examples to emulate when beauty is the answer to the question. Over time, humans have tried to re-make themselves in those gods' images to have a body that is "attractive".

The emulation has spawned a cottage industry catering to people who seek their premier fitness and physique goals. The perfect body has also filtered into the fashion world, where perfection is the ultimate. We see it all the time—advertisements for clothes often have models who look like they just came off the runway at a fashion show to sell products and services.

Fat Is The Problem

When people put on weight, it may affect more than just their size; their outlook and behaviour can also be impacted negatively. This is in addition to increasing the risk for hypertension, diabetes, asthma and heart disease.

Unfortunately, people often feel that the girl or guy of their dreams is out of reach because of their poor body image. You could be many sizes larger than the new clothes you may want to buy. Your energy levels often suffer when you carry too much weight, inhibiting your willingness to take part in many activities and enjoy life to the fullest.

If you're a man, you may lack that defined V-shape, with developed arm muscles or legs that ripple when you walk. If you're a woman, rather than the hourglass figure, you may be battling bodyfat spending time thinking ‘what’s wrong with me?’ It's not fair but society puts these pressures on all of us to fit an ideal. 

Many people battling weight develop anxiety and depression symptoms and then more weight gain often results. They often eat to compensate. Food gives people a semblance of comfort until they jump on the scale and realize they've reached a point of what seems like no return. Society can be cruel resulting in stereotypes abound for overweight people: they're lazy, overeat, won’t exercise, and are generally shunned by mainstream society. This is, of course, not necessarily true—but unfortunately, perception often creates reality for people.

Mental Health & Obesity

In an issue of the Harvard Mental Health Letter, they looked at the effects of being overweight and the impact on the overweight individual. In the opening, they state that it “was commonly believed that overweight and obese people were compulsive eaters, anxious, depressed, under stress, or trying to compensate for deficiencies in their lives.

In the newsletter, it says that with the proliferation of overweight and obese people, there are many situations that can be attributed to poor mental health. “Research suggests that depressed persons are more likely to develop the metabolic syndrome that often accompanies excess weight, especially when this weight is concentrated around the waist. People console themselves with comfort food because they're anxious, lonely, angry, or suffering from low self-esteem.”

Bodyfat & Wardrobe Choices

In a public release in May 2018, an article on the EurekaAlert website tells us about wardrobe choices for men and women. The options were based on findings presented to the European Congress on Obesity in Vienna that year.

Researchers narrowed down shopping patterns for people with high BMI ratings and drew conclusions based on the data through a global study. The EurekaAlert article quotes the results “showed that clothing size was closely related to both BMI and waist circumference. Women with a higher BMI were more likely to buy black/blue/dark colour and floral dresses, and multicolour and dot-patterned skirts. Men stick to white or black pants because of higher BMI.”

Body Fat and Aesthetics

When we look at a fit person’s face, we see cheekbones that are prevalent, a protruding jawbone and a defined neck that extends to the chest. Also, someone who is not overweight will have a defined shape that demonstrates a chest, a waist, hips, legs and buttocks.

Society's cruel sterotype of an overweight or obese person is that one of the first thing we notice is their face is round, not chiseled or defined. The jawline has disappeared and their body is ill-defined. You can’t see the broad shoulders in men; the pectoral muscles sag; and the waistline is a half-circle.

Women experience the same stereotyped problems with their shape being presumably distorted, and in both men and women, their legs carry a great deal of cellulite.


Having been a competitive bodybuilder and in the fitness industry my entire adult life, I have seen thousands of people struggle with weight loss to reshape their body and others frustrated with not making significant muscular improvements from year to year. In studying their circumstances, I became determined to find solutions to help them. 

After years of trial and error with thousands of clients, I have developed a program called Transformation Mastery (TM). The purpose of my program is to help people achieve their ULTIMATE PHYSIQUE GOAL. Employing my system of HI-Intensity training (HIT3) and my SHREDDED NUTRITION diet program, my mission is to guide people in transforming their bodies into the physiques they have a deep desire and wish for. My program is geared towards helping people achieve their TRANSFORMATION goal in a set time frame. Whether it’s to prepare for an upcoming bodybuilding competition or to lose 100 pounds (in a 50-week time period), my in-depth program is designed to help them succeed. 

John Cardillo's Transformation Mastery Program 

  1. We start by having our clients get full blood work to determine their hormone levels and state of internal health.
  2. We complete girth measurements and continue to record them on a monthly basis. 
  3. We require progress pictures at the start and on a monthly basis.
  4. Fat Analysis and weigh-ins are recorded every Monday for the duration of the program.
  5. We provide my SHREDDED NUTRITION diet program, which includes a 7-day meal plan.
  6. We design a personalized workout program targeting specific areas to be improved using my HIT3 workout system. 
  7. If possible, we offer supervised one-on-one HIT3 workout sessions.
  8. We keep a scheduled timetable of each week’s workouts and weight loss (or weight gain) they must achieve. Falling behind is discouraged, and in cases where this happens, the client is provided with immediate counselling to help them get back on track. 
  9. Daily support: we're in touch with each client every day to check in to see how sore they are from the previous workout and keep them motivated.
  10. We stick with our clients right to the end of them achieving their goal. We give them a complete workout and nutrition strategy to maintain their physiques in the long run.

My mission is to change people’s lives by guiding them to transform their bodies into the physique that they have always wished for and to help them achieve optimal health and their dream body, which in most cases, they had never thought possible. I enjoy helping people succeed and rebuild not only their physique, but also their self-esteem and a positive, vibrant life. Regardless of the shape my clients start with, my job is to help them achieve their premier fitness goals and their best physique.

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