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Product Reviews

When you look at the Nutrabolics line-up, Anabolic State has been a staple product of the brand for quite some time. It was just... [More]
The supplement MythLabs Pump claimed to contain the Nitric Oxide booster Nitrosigine®. But upon product testing, Nutrition21... [More]
For any avid gym-goer, a shaker cup is pretty much a staple item in your daily routine. As many of us like to show our... [More]
May proved to be a very productive time for the team at Believe Supplements. First came the release of Believe Supplements Pump... [More]
A few weeks ago, we shared the news of Bodylogix partnering with the CFL Players Association, to help ensure CFL players are... [More]
Iovate Health Sciences USA Inc. announces that its current CEO, Terry Begley, will be retiring from his current role after nearly... [More]
The folks at BioSteel just released a new limited-edition Strawberry Banana flavor of their Hydration Mix! This comes in just one... [More]
Over the past few months, we have seen XPN really stepping things up when it comes to new product launches. This past May we saw... [More]
Vega was founded as a Canadian company from Burnaby, BC and we have been following their progress for many years, as they make... [More]
Ooh Snap Nutrition was created with one goal in mind, to develop of a healthy protein bar, low in sugar, low calories, great... [More]
Sports Research is based in San Pedro, California and is the sister company to Sweet Sweat, a company that’s been in the fitness... [More]
Ergogenics is a proudly Canadian company based out of West Vancouver, BC, founded by Ricky Mehta (RNC, CNP) in 2006.  It was... [More]