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Product Reviews

If you will be attending the Arnold’s Expo this year, you won’t want to miss visiting the Allmax booth. Allmax will not only have... [More]
Optimum Nutrition
At this year’s Arnold’s Sports Festival Expo, you can expect to see a game changer in the booth experience when you visit the... [More]
If you’re looking for new and innovative at this year’s Arnold’s expo, look no further than this game-changer from Rivalus. Look... [More]
Getting a restful night’s sleep is a no-brainer for anyone who takes muscle growth seriously, because that’s when naturally... [More]
The flavour collaboration between BSN and Cold Stone Creamery has produced some delicious additions to their protein powder and... [More]
Cellucor has recently come out with a new and improved version of their Super HD capsules.  This new fat-loss formula is intended... [More]
Bang Energy
As many of you have seen, Bang Energy drinks have been all the rage, everywhere you go. We were blown away at Olympia last year,... [More]
We first broke the story on the Nutrabolics Blackout sleep aid when it was originally leaked to us. We now have the first look at... [More]
Coming Soon!  [More]
Iron Kingdom
Over this past year, Iron Kingdom has been aggressively expanding into the Canadian market with high-powered new supplements... [More]
What do you get when you cross a protein supplement with one of the best ice-cream brands? A match made in fitness heaven, of... [More]
Optimum Nutrition
For years now, Optimum Nutrition has been the leader in protein powders with its Gold Standard 100% Whey literally setting the... [More]