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Product Reviews

Primeval Labs
This week, we see Primeval Labs Mega Pre Black returns, but this time with an updated and improved formulation. From the options... [More]
Earlier this year, we saw C4 Extreme and C4 Extreme Natural Zero launched as the first products in the new Cellucor Project Clear... [More]
In the U.K. Snickers protein bars have been widely available for a few years now and made their way into Canada last year thanks... [More]
It looks like Optimum Nutrition is getting into the collagen protein game. A photo surfaced from Optimum that showed a new “... [More]
As North America's #1 selling pre-workout C4® continues to unlock new distribution, the performance energy drink is striking... [More]
Today PharmaFreak dropped a hint of a new pre-workout coming to the industry. The sample package is in a blue metal foil with no... [More]
Fokken Nuts
It was just recently announced that there will be a new Fokken Nuts Monster Cookie flavor spread coming soon. Traditionally, a... [More]
Sinfit Nutrition
Previously known as Sinister Labs, this past summer they rebranded to Sinfit Nutrition. While they maintained the same great... [More]
Optimum Nutrition
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard has not slowed down their innovation at all, as we again see the release of yet another product... [More]
Redcon1 has often been very creative with naming some of their flavours for products like Total War, such as Tiger’s Blood. We... [More]
The team at ProSupps takes the approach of creating the most powerful performance nutrition products available. They stay close... [More]
Optimum Nutrition
Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy has been a long-standing favourite of so many people in the fitness community. As if the huge... [More]