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Naughty Boy Lifestyle Launches The Whey Twins Using Patented Chamber Pouch

We’ve all been there: You grab a new tub of protein powder, head home and mix up a shake before you take off your shoes because it’s all about the gains! It tastes delicious and you down it. Next day, you wake up and can’t wait to mix another shake up and do it all over again. Day after day, you keep mixing up shakes and they’re good, but just not as good as that first one was! But how can that be? It’s the same protein; you mix it up the same way. Has the protein somehow degraded because it just doesn’t taste as good as you remember it to be? Well, the good news is your protein hasn’t degraded—you just got sick of the flavour! What if you could have more than one flavour of your favourite protein or weight gainer in one product? Two different flavours in one container? You don’t have to be a chocolate guy or a vanilla guy anymore—you can have them both!

Arranti’s Patented Chamber Pouch

Arranti is the top packaging supplier in the sports nutrition industry. They’re basically the guys that manufacture the labels and pouches or bags of your favourite supplements. Most of the top weight-gain powders and protein powders in the world use the company’s pouches. A few years ago, Arranti engineered a special pouch unlike anything before it, called a Chamber Pouch. The designers put a seam down the middle of a traditional weight-gain bag to form two distinct “chambers,” allowing you to have two different flavours in the same pouch! Arranti even patented its Chamber Pouch to ensure that cheap knockoffs didn’t flood the market. The first company to jump on this bag technology was MUTANT, using it for MUTANT WHEY protein first and then for MUTANT MASS weight gainer. MUTANT prides itself on making some of the best-tasting supplements in the industry, so the flavour convenience of the patented Chamber Pouch was a must for its die-hard fans.

Naughty Boy Lifestyle Releases The Whey Twins

Another company has also utilized the Chamber Pouch technology: Naughty Boy Lifestyle, the hottest new supplement company in the UK. It’s also quickly gaining a following throughout Europe. Naughty Boy has incorporated this into a new protein powder it’s calling The Whey Twins, which it has released in two decadent flavours. On one side is Chocolate Layer Cake and on the other is Gelato33. According to Naughty Boy, they have 6 additional flavours also coming soon! Naughty Boy has some of the most innovative packaging designs we’ve seen in the industry and it’s no wonder it chose to partner with Arranti to bring this exciting technology to its fans. We’re excited to see how this product is received, but we think it’s going to be hugely successful. For more info on Naughty Boy’s The Whey Twins, visit naughtyboylifestyle.com.

Grip & Rip

The last cool part about the patented Chamber Pouch technology is that you can also grip and rip the bag in half to have two separate bags! Throw one in your locker and another on your night table for easy midnight shake runs. For more information in Arranti’s patented Chamber Pouch, visit arranti.com.