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Product Reviews

Cellucor continues to extend their offerings in the popular C4 line up, with the addition of their newest flavour, Cellucor C4... [More]
As you may well know, Kombucha has rapidly grown in popularity, with the increasing research efforts into improving gut health.... [More]
The Pur Company
We all have those cravings from time to time for something to snack on, but don’t want to turn to chocolate or other junk food,... [More]
When you were a kid, did you ever have Pop Rocks? They were one of our favourite candies growing up. Tear open the package, toss... [More]
Bodylogix Vegan Protein uses a blend of premium plant-based protein sources consisting of pea protein, organic pumpkin seed... [More]
Iron Kingdom
Who among us hasn’t struggled to get a solid night’s sleep on a regular basis? And it’s likely safe to say many of us have turned... [More]
Pure Vita Labs
Pure Vita Labs has been well known for a long time as a quality leader in the supplement industry. Its new release, PVL Gold... [More]
T. Michael Pro
Why buy a branded shirt with your local girly-man gym name that’s cheap and overpriced when you can instead be wearing classic... [More]
Iron Kingdom
Just in time for athletes to unveil their summer bodies, Iron Kingdom has released Thermo Cuts. The Canadian supplement... [More]
Fuel Your Brain & Your Workouts A long day drains more than your muscles. Neuro Stim helps get your head refocused to tackle... [More]
Perfect Sports
Before you head out the door for your next cardio session, kick-start your fat burning with Perfect Sports’ Burn Cycle. Stacked... [More]
There are not too many people that would have ever imagined seeing Redcon1 going green, but get ready for it. Later in the month... [More]