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Product Reviews

We’ve seen some cool things coming from Mutant over the past year, with Mutant Mass coming in a Dual Chamber Bag, Mutant Test... [More]
G FUEL is recognized as the leading supplement company for esports and gamers. Arguably one of the brand’s most popular products... [More]
Cellucor has signed the current and 5X WWE champion Roman Reigns to endorse their C4 RTD. This is a good move for Cellucor as... [More]
Six Star Pro Nutrition®, announced today its plans to “Shake Up” the college sports landscape. The campaign includes targeted... [More]
In an industry that's become so used to seeing sports nutrition supplements in standard bottles and tubs, it’s cool to see Iron... [More]
Back in 2015, Canadian supplement company Vega was sold to White Wave Foods for approximately $550 million dollars. Just two... [More]
N8KED Brands Inc. was founded in 2014 with a mission to create the highest-quality supplements using the best ingredients at... [More]
The team at GAT has introduced a new pre-workout called Pumptropic, which they categorize as a "Mega-Pump and Laser Focus... [More]
Global health and wellness brand GNC today announced that the Company will be moving to a new headquarters located within the... [More]
Purely Inspired is a sister company to MuscleTech, both of which fall under the Iovate Health Sciences family of brands. We’ve... [More]
Earlier this year, we saw the launch of the new Mammoth CLA, which falls under the brand’s Foundation Series of products. We now... [More]
Canadian supplement company PVL has two divisions of their product line (Performance Series and Gold Series). As Scott Welch... [More]