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Product Reviews

Back in March we released news that Redcon1 was coming out with 2 unique flavours of Total War that would be exclusive to Canada... [More]
Last year Mutant released their Whey product in what they call their “Dual Chamber Bag”. What’s a Dual Chamber Bag? Good question... [More]
Ballistic Labs
Ballistic Labs is a proudly Canadian brand, from Surrey, British Columbia. The brand is committed to providing customers with... [More]
Back in February, we saw a sneak preview of Performance EAA from Quebec based Believe Supplements. We now have the full formula... [More]
Built Bar
Based in Spanish Fork, Utah, Built Bar aims to produce a wholesome bar with 15-20 grams of protein, while keeping the calories... [More]
EHP Labs
EHP Labs OxyShred has become one of the top choices for thermogenic fat burners around the world. One major reason more than two... [More]
ATP Lab is a contract manufacturing plant based in Quebec, which also has a supplement line under the same name. ATP Lab is known... [More]
In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, many supplement companies have jumped on the bandwagon and came out with supplements aimed... [More]
NOCCO will now have five flavors of their BCAA drinks at all GNC stores in the U.S. NOCCO blends BCAAs (branched-chain amino... [More]
We have all heard about the numerous challenges to businesses and organizations around the world, from the Covid-19 pandemic, and... [More]
SD Pharmaceuticals
SD Pharmaceuticals is well known for its line of effective, single-ingredient supplements. The latest addition to their line-up... [More]
BioSteel started out as an underground sports supplement company with a pink powder drink mix that made it’s way around NHL... [More]