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Product Reviews

Earlier this year, the team at Glaxon shared a big teaser with us all via social media, when they announced a “big drop” was... [More]
Earlier this month, we shared with you all details of the new ALLMAX Nutrition Rapidcuts Thermo, the brand's hot new non-... [More]
At the 2021 Olympia, we had a chance to catch up with Bang Energy’s CEO Jack Owoc, to discuss some of the exciting new additions... [More]
Allmax has introduced their first cutting-edge non-stimulant fat burner – Rapidcuts® Thermo. This powerful new addition to their... [More]
As we approached closer to the 2021 Olympia, we were seeing updates slowly surfacing about the new MUTANT ALL-IN Pre-Workout that... [More]
The No Sugar Company is a proudly Canadian company based out of Mississauga, Ontario, recognized as the first brand to have... [More]
Behind every truly great sports supplement is a great formula, great distribution and of course great packaging! Pack Expo takes... [More]
We previously brought you news of the MUTANT® ALL-IN Olympia Experience with Shawn Ray contest. Well, just last week MUTANT®... [More]
Ever since it was announced that MUTANT is sponsoring the 2021 Olympia, the hype leading up to the show just keeps getting bigger... [More]
There seems to be no limit to the innovation coming from the team at Ballistic Labs lately. All of us here at Muscle Insider have... [More]
Kassandra Gillis has been heating up the IFBB Pro Wellness stage this year and has been a proudly sponsored athlete with... [More]
Although we never saw any press release on it, early this spring (May 2021) supplement giant Glanbia completed the acquisition of... [More]