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Product Reviews

As if there were not already all kinds of exciting new products coming out of the team at SINFIT Nutrition these days. We... [More]
We are excited to see this just arriving at the Peak Performance Products warehouse this week. A brand new product not yet... [More]
Over the years, our Muscle Insider team has been following the growth of the SINFIT Nutrition product line. Since the original... [More]
There has been no lack of buzz around BioSteel Hydration Mix this year. Not only was BioSteel Hydration Mix named the official... [More]
ANS Performance has been keeping busy lately, with several new releases hitting the market. Expanding on the success of their... [More]
Over the past several months, we have seen some exciting news coming from the team at HD Muscle. It wasn’t too long ago that we... [More]
Fusion Muscle has been fairly quiet for some time now, in a bit of a holding pattern you might say. But we've seen the Canadian... [More]
Sinister Labs, the parent company of SINFIT Nutrition, was founded by Scott James and launched at the Arnold Classic 2017. Scott... [More]
Aeryon Ashlie is a woman who has experienced extreme hormonal imbalance and the feeling of hopelessness that it brings. This... [More]
Boca Raton, Florida based sports nutrition and health company GSP Nutrition Inc. (no relation to UFC legend George St. Pierre),... [More]
BioSteel has not slowed down their activity, even during the trying times we are facing. A short time ago BioSteel signed Super... [More]
Earlier this Summer, Fusion Muscle launched a new Foundation Series of products, which include VITA-D3 and VITA-C. VITA-D3 offers... [More]