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Aaron Singerman Speaks Out From Prison

After a lengthy investigation, Redcon1 owner and former Blackstone Labs co-owner, Aaron Singerman was convicted on charges of conspiring to sell anabolic steroids and other products marketed as dietary supplements that were unlawful under federal law. Singerman was sentenced to jail for a total of 54 months. After a surprising turn of events, he was sent to jail earlier than expected after two more arrests prior to his day in court.

After spending some time behind bars, Aaron took to social media to share his thoughts about the time he’s spending in prison so far. It was Aaron’s wife (Darielle) who published a letter Aaron composed. He expresses his feelings from being investigated and imprisoned, stating that he will come out of this smarter, and stronger, both physically and mentally. He also went on to thank his wife for supporting him through this difficult time, as well as the employees at Redcon1.

While some people in the industry feel that Singerman’s time in prison will lead to Redcon1 suffering, we believe that Redcon1 will be just fine. In a heartfelt video posted last month, Aaron explains that for the past year he was working on taking a step back from the leadership role. This made way for the rest of the team to take control of the reigns, ensuring there would be no disruption in operations.


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