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Product Reviews

Canadian supplement company Ballistic Labs recently teased the release of something brand new coming in January 2021. We're... [More]
Progressive is a proudly Canadian company, providing a comprehensive and innovative line of branded vitamins, minerals, and... [More]
It was two years ago that we first reviewed the launch of Mammoth MEAL. This second-generation meal replacement product combines... [More]
XPN is a Canadian brand with a vast range of products suited to all styles of fitness. The XPN Classic Series is a favourite of... [More]
Magnum Nutraceuticals is one of the most well-known Canadian brands on the market. And with that, one of their most popular... [More]
The bodybuilding world was shaken last week when it was announced that Kai Greene joined REDCON1. What many people may not know,... [More]
After SupplementSource.ca had launched their own supplements line earlier this year, we brought you word of the new Supplement... [More]
We haven’t heard much from the Iron Kingdom team since we shared with you the news of the new Iron Kingdom Plant protein, which... [More]
Pure Vita Labs (PVL) has spent the better part of 2020 working on updating the branding of its popular product lines, as well as... [More]
MuscleTech has unveiled an exciting new whey protein, and we’re happy to see its arrival here in Canada. Rounding out its family... [More]
Earlier this year we shared the news that SupplementSource.ca had launched their own supplements line. We now see this Essentials... [More]
It is evident the MuscleTech rebranding that kicked off this past Summer has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. In addition... [More]