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Product Reviews

Our Muscle Insider team is so excited with all the news and action coming from MUTANT as of late. Not only have we shared the... [More]
GRIZZLY Energy is a line extension of the GRIZZLY Supplements brand we've seen at GNC Canada this past year. Muscle Insider fans... [More]
The team at MUTANT Nutrition has been keeping busy as of late, with all kinds of industry news. It was just a short time ago that... [More]
For many people, collagen is thought of only as a beauty product, but it really is a sports supplement. Mammoth Super 7 Collagen... [More]
MONTREAL, QC, Jul. 23, 2021 – When you walk into your local supplement store as a consumer, you may not even think about how the... [More]
Allmax A:CUTS is the ideal combination of ingredients designed to provide energy for training while maintaining muscle mass, all... [More]
C4® Energy Expands Roster of Talent with Top Models and Dives Further into the Lifestyle Space Nutrabolt (makers of C4® Energy,... [More]
As we have mentioned before, G FUEL is recognized as the leading supplement company for eSports and gamers. After the recent... [More]
Legendary Bodybuilder Joins MUTANT Nutrition as Global Brand Ambassador. During an enthusiastic signing ceremony at MUTANT... [More]
MuscleTech has been busy as of late, with so much innovation and support programs they've been involved with. Some good examples... [More]
Even though we are still in the middle of Summer, bodybuilders everywhere are looking forward to the Fall for the most... [More]
We’ve seen some cool things coming from Mutant over the past year, with Mutant Mass coming in a Dual Chamber Bag, Mutant Test... [More]