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Product Reviews

Mutant has just released its newest product for 2021 and what’s interesting is that it’s not a dietary supplement, but a slick... [More]
Many bodybuilders over the years have struggled with finding a way to effectively utilize the carbohydrates they consume. Be it... [More]
Over the past year, Ballistic Labs has been busy with not only a full-scale rebranding of its product line, but they've also... [More]
There have been some rather exciting announcements coming from the team at MuscleTech over the past few months, starting with... [More]
Well-known comedian Kevin Hart has taken an equity stake in sports nutrition company Nutrabolt. While financial details were not... [More]
Earlier this year, we told you about the new PVL Gold Series Glutamine Gold+. Well lab test results are in and PVL’s Glutamine... [More]
You don’t need to be a Jersey Shore fan to join this bromance! Canada’s Ballistic Labs is introducing Brotein, its newest product... [More]
District Ventures Capital and BDC Capital have teamed up to invest $10,000,000 into Canadian supplement company Outcast Foods. ... [More]
Just a few short months after winning his first Mr. Olympia Championship title this past December, Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay... [More]
SupplementSource.ca has upped the dose by upgrading their website which goes live tomorrow! Their mission is to provide you with... [More]
Two legends collide in a renewed partnership for 2021. The Canada's Pure Vita Labs (PVL) has long been a supporter of sports... [More]
Over the past few months, we’ve seen some cool new additions to the Mammoth Supplements line-up, including Mammoth Pump Purple... [More]