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Product Reviews

Vega has been a well-known name in the sports nutrition industry for many years now. The recent addition of Vega Protein &... [More]
It was just a short time ago that we previewed ATP Labs Electrolytes XL, which helps contribute to improved hydration, muscle... [More]
In today’s day and age, it is clear to see that many people are eager to share their stories with their social media followers.... [More]
We’ve been hearing a lot of exciting news coming from the Quebec-based company XPN over the last several weeks. We brought you... [More]
We’ve heard rumors that MuscleTech’s been working behind the scenes doing a major rebranding to give their products a fresh new... [More]
Many of us grew up with our moms trying to get us to eat red beets, professing to us how good they are for us. While we may have... [More]
The MTS Nutrition Outright Bar Mint Cookies and Cream Peanut Butter flavor is now available in Canada. Outright Bars are whole... [More]
Pure Vita Labs (PVL) is the sister company to Mutant, focussed on fuelling high-performance athletes and sports teams with... [More]
When you look at the Nutrabolics line-up, Anabolic State has been a staple product of the brand for quite some time. It was just... [More]
The supplement MythLabs Pump claimed to contain the Nitric Oxide booster Nitrosigine®. But upon product testing, Nutrition21... [More]
For any avid gym-goer, a shaker cup is pretty much a staple item in your daily routine. As many of us like to show our... [More]
May proved to be a very productive time for the team at Believe Supplements. First came the release of Believe Supplements Pump... [More]