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Pro Line Nutrition HydroPrime Preview

We recently previewed the new Pro Line Nutrition Ignite fat burner, which features 60 milligrams of CaloriBurn GP by NNB Nutrition. Ignite is designed to increase whole-body energy and decrease visceral fat. The brand’s newest product launch is HydroPrime, which is a novel formula that uses just one ingredient! Each serving delivers 2.5 grams of the raw ingredient (also called HydroPrime), which is licensed to them by NNB Nutrition. This is a stabilized 65% glycerol powder that mixes instantly without clumping, which is unlike traditional glycerol-containing supplements that often harden up. This supports athletic performance, cell volumization and hydration and of course helps increase muscle pumps.

Glycerol is a three-carbon molecule produced by your body during times of metabolic need, but it's also the backbone component of all triglycerides (fats). To our knowledge, HydroPrime is the highest concentrated glycerol commercially available that's still able to remain stable. This allows it to overcome the clumping and stability issues seen with "old school" or cheaper forms of glycerol.

We’ve discussed the benefits of using HydroPrime glycerol to enhance athletic performance in a more detailed feature previously. We’ve seen it time after time: we buy a pre-workout that has a great formula, but when exposed to any moisture, the powder hardens up and is no longer usable. That’s one of the key benefits that make HydroPrime a great option to take on its own or stacked with your favourite pre-workout or pump supplement. It provides all the benefits of glycerol, without the nasty clumping. For even more information, check out what our friends at Price Plow had to say about HydroPrime (as an ingredient) by NNB Nutrition.

Glycerol Research

Numerous studies have been conducted to research the benefits of glycerol. One study found that after ingestion of glycerol prior to exercise, cycling endurance time to fatigue was prolonged by up to 24%. Mean heart rate decreased by 4.4 beats per minute with glycerol ingestion as compared to placebo. Another clinical study investigated the effects of pre-exercise glycerol-induced hyperhydration had on thermoregulatory capacity in the heat. It was found that exercise following glycerol-induced hyperhydration yielded a significantly elevated mean sweat output of 700 mL (compared with the water trial mean sweat output of 470 mL), representing a 33% increase in the sweat rate. Other studies have found the intake of glycerol results in smaller urine volumes (a 700 mL reduction), demonstrating that glycerol is able to keep a hyperhydrated state for extended periods as long as 32 to 49 hours.Pre-Contest Prep Use

Pro Line Nutrition's new HydroPrime will also change the game for pre-contest prep (especially for the final days and hours leading up to a show). You can essentially get the same benefits of fat loading without having to eat fat and without the stomach distention caused by cheat meals! Traditionally, fat loading is done to take in the glycerol component of a fat. This is stored inside the muscle as an intramuscular triglyceride, which pulls water inside the muscle as levels increase. By just consuming glycerol instead, you don’t get the fatty acids that come with dietary fats, which are also very calorie dense. HydroPrime is also outstanding for endurance athletes and those subject to extreme heat.

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