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Dusty Hanshaw Signs With MUTANT Again


Roughly one year ago today, Dusty Hanshaw left Mutant as one of their sponsored athletes, making the move to sign with Condemned Labs. But Dusty has come home, back to where he belongs. Dusty's returned to the Mutant family! During the time he was previously with Mutant, Dusty was one of the key hardcore faces of the brand for many years and even had his own hilarious video series, Dining with Dusty! His hardcore training videos and sense of humor developed a strong relationship with Mutant fans and bodybuilders alike.

Last year Hanshaw was hospitalized due to a torn esophagus, infection, and problems with his digestive tract. While this was very serious, we’re very happy to see he’s made a full recovery and is back to training like a beast. This return to Team Mutant must feel like coming home for Dusty. We’re excited to see this renewed partnership with Hanshaw and Mutant. Let’s wait to see what new projects will be in the works next.

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