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PharmaFreak Supersonic Freak Preview


Supersonic Freak by PharmaFreak is a hybrid cognitive performance product formulated to support energy and cognition. Originally planned as part of a supplement bundle kit that would be paired with a powder pre-workout designed for pump and performance, the brand has chosen to launch Supersonic Freak as a stand-alone nootropic. While the formula looks rather straightforward, it provides 150mg of caffeine and 150mg of the premium stimulant EnXtra for energy, along with 150mg of alpha-GPC and 50mg of Suntheanine for focus and cognitive support. EnXtra® is a branded ingredient for Alpinia galanga, which is commonly used as a food and herb native to Southeast Asia and is part of the ginger family. Human clinical studies of EnXtra have shown that the ingredient provides enhanced alertness and focus and amplifies the nootropic response to caffeine. Suntheanine® is a high-purity, L-isomer form of the amino acid theanine. It’s not actually an extract of green tea but rather is produced via a patented fermentation process that mimics the natural process in green tea leaves resulting in the L-isomer form of L-Theanine. The subject of 200+ scientific and clinical studies, Suntheanine has been recognized as one of the most effective ingredients for stress, relaxation, and improved quality of sleep. Supersonic Freak has been released under PharmaFreak’s Red Label series or products, with 40 capsules per container. Each serving is just one capsule, so this will provide you with almost a 6-week supply if you use it every day.

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