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Product Reviews

XP Sports, a leading supplement brand specializing in formulas made specifically for gamers and esports athletes, has announced... [More]
At Muscle Insider, we get countless products sent to us to test out and give our feedback on. Of course, with free product comes... [More]
Following the launch of the XPN Classic Series line of products last year, we’ve seen a steady stream of new releases from the... [More]
Kenya Moore, one of the stars of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and Iovate’s Hydroxycut weight loss supplement brand, have... [More]
Earlier this week we told you about two new proteins coming from Ballistic Labs and now the cat’s out of the bag! Brotein is the... [More]
Over the past few months, we’ve seen Ballistic Labs overhaul the branding of their entire product line! This started with... [More]
Six Star Pro Nutrition, a leading maker of scientifically formulated premium supplements at an incredible value, announced today... [More]
Iovate Health Sciences International, under its nationally recognized Purely Inspired nutrition brand, has announced rebrand... [More]
Over the past two years, Canada's PVL have expanded their "Gold Series" product line to include Whey Gold, Keto Boom, BCAA + EAA... [More]
Towards the end of Summer last year, we saw the new Cellucor C4 RTDs arrive in Canada. We have now seen a tease of a new version... [More]
Summer 2020 brought the introduction of the XPN Classic Series of nutritional supplements released from the. A short time later,... [More]
As a Canadian company (and being naturally patriotic people), we’re always thrilled to see other Canadian companies providing... [More]