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No Sugar Company Signs Vanilla Ice to Endorse Joyburst

By Scott Welch

Our friends over at No Sugar Company have been on fire for the last 12 months, launching product after product with no end in sight. They jumped into the energy drink market with their Joyburst drink, which made its way to selected Costco stores in Canada while methodically expanding into the US. Well, that distribution plan just got turned up a notch with news of them signing ‘90s hip-hop star Vanilla Ice! The deal is pretty hush-hush, but we know it includes Vanilla Ice getting his own flavour (which i was given samples of back in May), appropriately called “Vanilla Ice” flavour. This will launch in most of the outlets where you already find the Joyburst energy drink, including Costco and Walmart, but there’s word that it will be available in an alcohol-infused seltzer as well! Much as we saw Bang Energy enter the seltzer market with a Bang version, Joyburst is following suit. In addition to growing sales, this further helps build the brand and attracts alcohol consumers who might not have otherwise picked up the energy drink.

Watch for the Joyburst Song and Music Video

One unique thing about signing Vanilla Ice to this flavour collaboration is that the hip-hop star will also launch a song he’s written called “Joyburst” and it will be on his new album. In fact, Brad Woodgate, the CEO of No Sugar Company (pictured above), will actually be in the music video and helping to sing the Joyburst song! Muscle Insider fans may remember when DJ Khaled endorsed ProSupps Hyde energy drink in 2018 and when DJ Steve Aoki endorsed EVL supplements one year later, but this is a very different deal. We have the inside scoop on the endorsement deal and plans, and it’s going to be big. For example, Vanilla ice is already scheduled to do a concert tour throughout the US this summer … well, that’s all we can say at this point! We’ve never seen an energy drink or supplement launch this way, which is totally unique.

Was No Sugar Company/Joyburst Signing Vanilla Ice a Stupid Idea?

Before you laugh about it and chalk it up as another stupid idea a supplement company came up with, understand first that the audience that Joyburst is trying to appeal to is the 40+ year old energy drink consumer who grew up with Vanilla Ice and who shops in mass-market outlets such as Walmart and Costco. Younger consumers will not likely respond to Vanilla Ice (unless the new album is a hit), but older consumers who know the words to “Ice Ice Baby” will all know who he is, which is why No Sugar Company inked this deal. We’re not saying it’s going to overtake Red Bull or the Bang Energy drink, of course, but it will disrupt plans for some of the newer energy drink brands trying to break into the space.  And if their success thus far in Costco Canada is any indication of how well it will do in Costco USA, hang on to the steering wheel of your white Ford mustang (with the top down low), because it’s going to get interesting in the energy drink market.

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