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Torque Enters Joint Venture with Zero Day Nutrition Owners of GLAXON

It was announced earlier this year that Torque Lifestyle Brands Inc. (“Torque”) entered a manufacturing joint venture partnership with leading contract manufacturer Zero Day Nutrition, by purchasing a 51% ownership in the company. Zero Day Nutrition is the owner of the very popular brand GLAXON. With some very cool and unique products such as GLAXON Xerion, featuring GlucoVantage by NNB Nutrition (dihydroberberine), GLAXON has been recognized by many media outlets as both a Breakout Brand of the Year and even an Overall Brand of the Year in 2020.

Seen as an emerging leader in the $150B+ sports nutrition and supplements market, Torque will contribute capital to the joint venture to support machinery and other capital expenditures, while Zero Day will contribute manufacturing expertise and sales from its portfolio of current and prospective client brands - including rapidly growing, award-winning brands such as Glaxon - expected to be up to several million dollars annually.

"We are thrilled to announce this JV, vertically integrating Torque alongside an industry-leading manufacturing firm to improve the gross margin profile of the enterprise," said Leonard K. Armenta Jr., President of Torque Lifestyle Brands. "In addition to realizing revenue from Zero Day's client portfolio, we will manufacture products for our in-house brands - notably boosting profitability potential as we scale. I look forward to continued vertical integration in the quarters ahead as we strive to create value for our shareholders."

Leveraging a growth-by-acquisition model and a growing suite of influencers as brand ambassadors, Torque offers a wide variety of active lifestyle products through its e-commerce presence and tier-1 U.S. retailer relationships. Torque's growing family of in-house brands includes American Metabolix, Storm Lifestyles, and Core Natural Sciences.

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Source: Torque Lifestyle Brands, Inc.