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Product Reviews

VPX’s Bang energy drink is the fastest growing energy drink in the United States. Founder Jack Owoc has always been one of the... [More]
Alani Nu
Alani Nu is a women's supplement company founded by top trainer Katy Hearn that’s developed a huge fan base since its inception... [More]
Sire Bioscience Inc. has entered into a non-binding CBD commercialization and consulting Letter of Intent with Fusion Nutrition... [More]
For over 10 years, Xtend has been known as one of the best BCAA brands in the world. To this day, it’s still one of the top BCAAs... [More]
At the recent Olympia Expo in Las Vegas, our team had the opportunity to sample the soon-to-be-released Allmax Hexapro™ Protein... [More]
XTEND® Ripped has been on the scene for a while now but it just got a new look to match the rest of the Xtend family. Formula... [More]
BSN®, the south Florida born performance nutrition brand has now introduced us to two new pie-themed flavours to its popular line... [More]
SuperNutrition is an older supplement company founded in 1977 by the Mooney family. Now if the “Mooney” last name sounds familiar... [More]
Perfect Sports
Perfect Sports has just announced that they will be releasing a brand-new flavour of Diesel New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate. For... [More]
Test Freak is one of the most recognizable testosterone supplements on the market, and it just got even better. PharmaFreak’s co-... [More]
Quest Nutrition
Quest Nutrition (makers of the low-carb bars, cookies, chips, pizzas, protein powder and more) have sold out! The new owners will... [More]
MRE stands for Meals Ready to Eat, referring to meal packs given to soldiers in the field to keep them fuelled during times of... [More]