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Product Reviews

The XPN brand was started by Daniel Bérubé, with the driving force being to build a company that does not decrease quality for... [More]
Ryse Supplements has announced it will be coming to Canada. The brand was originally launched in Dallas, Texas, just days before... [More]
Quest Nutrition Protein Chips have become a popular snack option for fitness enthusiasts looking for a treat that won’t throw... [More]
Believe Supplements
Over the past few weeks, we have seen the team at Believe Supplements keeping busy launching new products to the market. Recently... [More]
Advanced Genetics
Advanced Genetics was first launched in 2005 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, by founder Chris Johnson. Chris is an IFBB Men’s Physique... [More]
Iron Brothers Supplements is an Alberta based company started in 2017 by Marc Burton, while he was working in the Alberta oil... [More]
NutraBio was founded in New Jersey back in 1996 by a guy named Mark Glazier (pictured above). He built his business behind the... [More]
TC Nutrition is a Canadian supplement company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. They've been around a few years, known mostly for... [More]
Bang energy just released a Cotton Candy flavour of their caffeine-free version of Bang. It seems like every day Bang creates... [More]
Sun Chlorella has been one of the leading chlorella companies for over 50 years. Originating in Japan, Sun Chlorella is now the... [More]
Back in March we released news that Redcon1 was coming out with 2 unique flavours of Total War that would be exclusive to Canada... [More]
Last year Mutant released their Whey product in what they call their “Dual Chamber Bag”. What’s a Dual Chamber Bag? Good question... [More]