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Dragon Pharma Venom Pre Workout Featuring CaloriBurn GP

For hardcore gym rats, you can never go wrong with a pre-workout that kicks your training in the next gear. Dragon Pharma’s flagship product Venom is an extreme potency pre that’s absolutely loaded with quality ingredients. Venom was put together by “The Vanilla Gorilla” Drew Peters, one of the top formulators in the sports nutrition industry. He designed Venom to give users an energy and focus that they can feel while driving metabolic performance. Serving sizes are offered in both a small scoop (4.1 grams) and a large scoop (8.2 grams) option which are both included in the container! A large scoop serving provides 400 mg of Caffeine Anhydrous, and 100 mg of Dynamine (methylliberine). A recent university study showed that the use of caffeine combined with Dynamine, provides a much longer-lasting boost of energy than caffeine alone. To take the potency of the stims up one more gear, the Vanilla Gorilla added 3 mg of Yohimbe HCL which is proven to amplify the energizing effects of caffeine. To round out the experience and support mental focus, Venom contains a combination of L-Theanine stacked with 500 mg L-Tyrosine and 50 mcg Huperzine.

Endurance & Pumps

Training endurance and blood flow are key elements to any good pre-workout. This is addressed Venom’s pre-workout by providing a 3.2 gram clinical dosage of Beta Alanine, along with the addition of two branded ingredients in Nitrosigine® (1.5 grams) and S7® (50 mg). These help improve vasodilation and nitric oxide production for better muscle pumps and nutrient delivery.

Thermogenic Power of CaloriBurn GP

Dragon Pharma wanted Venom to also be thermogenic so they included 30 mg of CaloriBurn GP by NNB Nutrition, which is a standout ingredient in this formula. This is the highest quality grains of paradise extract commercially available and we’re starting to see it now being added to many of the top fat burners and pre-workout formulas on the market. It’s derived using a proprietary extraction technology that preserves all four of the metabolism-enhancing bioactive compounds in Grains of Paradise (6-Paradol, 6-Gingerdione, 6-Shogaol, and 6-Gingerol). This combination has been clinically shown to stimulate BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue), energy expenditure and improve body composition. In a single-blind, placebo-controlled study with 19 healthy young men, ingestion of Grains of Paradise resulted in a 400% increase in metabolic rate within 30 minutes! Test subjects experienced a 6% increase in energy expenditure compared to a control group.1

For more info on this exciting pre-workout, check out the Dragon Pharma website. To learn more about CaloriBurn GP, visit NNB Nutrition.

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