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Arranti Recyclable Dual Chamber Pouch

It seems our friends at Arranti really don’t like to sit still when it comes to innovation, even during the troubling times of the pandemic. Recognized as the #1 packaging supplier in the sports nutrition industry, we’ve seen Arranti’s packaging being used by many of the top supplement brands for protein bags, labels, and more. We were so impressed when we saw Arranti launch the Dual Chamber Pouch technology, which fans saw in Mutant Mass and Mutant Whey, allowing you to have 2 flavors in one package!

During our interview with Jeff Herrington, President and Founder of Arranti, recapping his time at the Dubai Muscle Show, he mentioned the newest packaging innovation they’re bringing to the sports nutrition industry. He showed us the new Recyclable Dual Chamber Pouch. This will be a 100% recyclable product, which consumers can return to the store to be recycled. The environmentally friendly new packaging will also have a special new finish that is a tactile, rough glaze finish to the exterior of the pouch. Clients have said they’re looking for packaging that is more unique and harder to match, which helps to prevent knock-offs.

That’s not even all that’s in the works. Jeff said that Arranti is already working on compostable packaging coming soon. And within the next 6 to 8 months, they’re working on rolling out Bamboo packaging products. This is a weed that grows like crazy and can be found in abundance. There are strains that can grow up to 3 feet per day. Options for bamboo packaging products we may see include tissue paper, and even rigid products.

Expect to see Jeff and the rest of the Arranti team back at the Dubai Muscle Show in 2022, at the 2022 FIBO in Germany next April, and they also have a great booth planned for the 2022 Arnold Sports Festival. We look forward to seeing all the new innovations coming from Arranti over the next year.

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