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Product Reviews

NOCCO will now have five flavors of their BCAA drinks at all GNC stores in the U.S. NOCCO blends BCAAs (branched-chain amino... [More]
We have all heard about the numerous challenges to businesses and organizations around the world, from the Covid-19 pandemic, and... [More]
SD Pharmaceuticals
SD Pharmaceuticals is well known for its line of effective, single-ingredient supplements. The latest addition to their line-up... [More]
BioSteel started out as an underground sports supplement company with a pink powder drink mix that made it’s way around NHL... [More]
Believe Supplements
For many of us when we hit the gym, we are looking for a great pump, to build muscle, improve performance, and maybe even have a... [More]
Nutrabolics released their Feed bar back in March 2019 and it seemed to get good traction in Canada. The bar contained 22g of... [More]
We are excited to see the new Precision Psycho Tart Fruit Candy Flavour that was just released. This joins their other flavour of... [More]
Perfect Sports
In October 2019, we previewed Perfect Sports new BCAA Hyper Clear. Please welcome the new Perfect Sports BCAA Hyper Clear Intense... [More]
Redcon1 has been on fire with new product development and innovative marketing campaigns. There’s no doubt they’re the fastest... [More]
XTEND is the global leader in BCAA supplementation and if you’ve been a fan of XTEND for as long as we have, there’s a version of... [More]
In October 2019, we reported that cannabis company Canopy Growth had acquired Canadian supplement company Biosteel which was the... [More]
Perfect Sports
The team at Perfect Sports has not been sitting idle during this time of isolation. We see that Perfect Sports has launched a new... [More]