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Product Reviews

ANS Performance
Late last year, ANS Performance released their new Fresh1 Vegan Protein to the market. Now the brand has just teased the launch... [More]
Fitness Podcasts are a great way to learn more about nutrition, training, contest coverage and the latest news. But there are... [More]
Despite the Covid-19 lockdown, the team at Magnum hasn’t stopped making some noise. Earlier this year they signed IFBB Pro... [More]
Pure Protein
Pure Protein bars have been around for almost 20 years. These low carb bars make for a convenient and tasty addition to an active... [More]
The makers behind C4® and XTEND® have launched an initiative to support personal trainers, medical professionals, police officers... [More]
EFX Sports
Since the declaration of a pandemic due to Covid-19, it's truly changed the fitness industry forever. With countless people... [More]
By: Scott Welch In May of 2016, we reported that SCITEC sold their business to a massive South African pharmaceutical and... [More]
We are happy to see the news that Rivalus signs IFFBB Men’s Physique Pro Romain Ramassamy, as their newest Canadian athlete.... [More]
Two gentlemen Hal and Ernie first started the brand Nature’s Best in 1984, with the goal of making better sports nutrition... [More]
ANS Performance
ANS Performance Diablo is the brands thermogenic advanced fat burner. We see the release of the ANS Performance New Diablo Guava... [More]
Premier Protein
Premier Nutrition operates in the global convenient nutrition category, as a business unit of BellRing Brands. Premier Protein®... [More]
Back in December 2019, we told fans about Dymatize’s Resolve to Inspire Gym Contest where they were awarding one independent gym... [More]