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ATP Lab Electrolytes XL


ATP Lab is a contract manufacturing plant based in Quebec, which also has a supplement line under the same name. ATP Lab is known for using only high-quality ingredients chosen based on a high degree of bioavailability. These ingredients are sourced from well-known and respected suppliers from various regions around the world.

The latest product release is ATP Lab Electrolytes XL. This performance product helps contribute to improved hydration, muscle function, and pH balance. One unique ingredient found in this formulation is three grams of D-Ribose. This is an especially important pentose sugar molecule, which is part of your DNA and makes up a portion of your cells’ primary source of energy, ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Studies have shown D-Ribose can aid in the replenishment of energy stores in your cells.

As with other ATP Lab products, this new ATP Lab Electrolytes XL is produced with no artificial colours, sweeteners, or GMOs. It is produced in a CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified lab and is also Informed Choice certified. Each 150-gram bottle provides 30 servings per container. You have four flavours to choose from, which include Cherry, Lemonade, Orange, or Peach Mango.

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