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SD Pharmaceuticals Teacrine

SD Pharmaceuticals

SD Pharmaceuticals is well known for its line of effective, single-ingredient supplements. The latest addition to their line-up is the new SD Pharmaceuticals TeaCrine.

TeaCrine® is a patented compound, which is a great option for anyone looking for increased energy levels, without causing an increase in blood pressure or heart rate. The benefits of Theacrine (as TeaCrine®), are evidenced-based on both preclinical and human clinical research. This research has shown many health benefits, including improvements in energy, mental clarity, motivation, and mood.

SD Pharmaceuticals TeaCrine provides 60 veggie capsules per bottle. Each capsule provides 100 mg of TeaCrine®, as well as three mcg of vitamin B12. If you are looking for a substantial energy boost, without jitters, irritability, or habituation, this makes a perfect choice.

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