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Mutant Mass Now In Dual Chamber Bag

Last year Mutant released their Whey product in what they call their “Dual Chamber Bag”. What’s a Dual Chamber Bag? Good question! It's basically a bag with a wall in the middle of it to allow you to hold two different flavours in one bag. This gives you the convenience of mixing and matching two different flavours at a once. Well the “Dual Chamber Bag” is now available in their flagship product Mutant MASS. This comes in a 6 pound bag with (3 pounds on each side). Each serving is 280 grams so there are just under 10 servings per bag. The price listed is $49.99 which works out to about 5 bucks per serving. Canada is the first place we've seen the MUTANT Mass Dual Chamber and it's available on their website.

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