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Product Reviews

ProMera is the company that brought Creatine HCL to the market with their CON-CRET® product. ProMera and their parent company (... [More]
ThermoLife controls at least 27 patents including 17 patents with more than 450 claims related to the uses of Nitrates and Amino... [More]
2018 was a great year for new products for PharmaFreak fans. We saw their hardcore black “Freakmode Series” launch which included... [More]
As part of their Fat Loss Series, Canada’s Precision Supplements released CLA+GTX this past summer with a soft launch which... [More]
Our friends over at Rivalus have rewarded their diehard Promasil fans by releasing two new flavours. The first is Buttered... [More]
Purus Labs
After an inspection by the Texas Department of State Health Services, Purus Labs has recalled their MyoWhey Chocolate Cookie... [More]
One of the highlights at the Olympia expo last weekend was Mutant’s release of a limited edition golden bag Mutant Mass! This... [More]
C4 Ultimate Sour Patch Bros flavour is on its way to Canada! We got our mouths on a sample of the Canadian formula last weekend... [More]
Designer Protein was one of the first supplement companies to launch ion exchange whey protein back in 1993 with their Design... [More]
At this year’s Olympia, Allmax Nutrition’s launched their new Green Apple Candy flavoured Impact Igniter. Last year’s Olympia... [More]