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Product Reviews

Based out of Australia, Red Dragon Nutritionals is coming to Canada and will be distributed by Conquer All Nutrition. The drive... [More]
EFX Sports has continued to innovate despite the Covid-19 pandemic we’ve all been facing. A few weeks back, we broke the story... [More]
At the 2019 Olympia, Magnum had one of their largest booths to date giving out tons of samples and they also won two awards from... [More]
Every week Jack Owoc and his team over at Bang Energy continue to drop new product after new product. Since granting Pepsi the... [More]
C4 is the #1 selling pre-workout brand in the world for good reason, it works! Cellucor C4 just dominates the pre-workout market... [More]
Fit Butters was developed by Fitness Informant Founder Ryan Bucki and Danielle Kramer who is a registered nurse. Their goal was... [More]
GAT Sport
Last Summer we brought you word of GAT teasing the release of a new hydration product. This turned out the be the launch of the... [More]
Yemeni Mesa is the creator of Heka Good Foods; a company focused on “making legit keto snacks that taste as good as they are good... [More]
Athletic Alliance
Athletic Alliance mTOR Ultra EAA MPS is more than your average essential amino acid supplement. The formula is created... [More]
Last week we announced the addition of a Cotton Candy flavor of BANG in their Caffeine-Free series. This week they’ve launched a ... [More]
The XPN brand was started by Daniel Bérubé, with the driving force being to build a company that does not decrease quality for... [More]
Ryse Supplements has announced it will be coming to Canada. The brand was originally launched in Dallas, Texas, just days before... [More]