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Ballistic Labs Launches 24 Hour Fat Burning Stack

Ballistic Labs

Ballistic Labs is a proudly Canadian brand, from Surrey, British Columbia. The brand is committed to providing customers with high-quality products, based on scientific formulations. We see a new launch of the Ballistic Labs 24 Hour Fat Burning Stack, exclusive to Supplement King stores across Canada.

This fat burning stack consists of two highly popular products from Ballistic Labs: Night Ops and Ammo. Recognized as an industry-first nighttime fat metabolizer, Ballistic Labs Night Ops can also be used as a daytime non-stimulant metabolizer. Night Ops makes use of L-carnitine tartrate, green coffee bean, raspberry ketones, and forslean coleus forskohlii, which help to metabolize fat without stimulants. Additionally, the enhanced blend of choline, guggulsterone, and chromium picolinate, assist in metabolizing carbohydrates. Night Ops also provides a calming blend of L-theanine and 5-HTP, as well as a full clinical-dose of ZMA.

Ballistic Labs Ammo is a four-stage time-released fat burner, formulated to provide you with the ingredients your body needs to help metabolize fat cells while keeping you alert for long periods throughout the day. With ingredients like Dendrobium, L-carnitine, and raspberry ketones, Ammo helps to improve your mental focus, while breaking down stubborn fatty acids. Other ingredients like caffeine and guarana stack well with Dendrobium, for optimal weight loss and to enhance energy. Dandelion is a beneficial diuretic to reduce water retention and help support kidney health.

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