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Vital Proteins Hires 3 More Influencers for Global Campaign


Vital Proteins, reveals the faces behind their newest global brand campaign, Every Moment is Vital. Actor Addison Rae, who was named as a Global Brand Ambassador earlier this year, joins the campaign continuing her relationship with the brand. The campaign also highlights the daily routines of British model Iskra Lawrence, fitness instructor Chase Tucker and fitness content creator Silvy Araujo.

The campaign offers an intimate look into what health and wellness means to some of today's top influencers. The campaign goal is to inspire consumers to commit to wellness and showcase impactful moments in each person's unique journey. 

"What makes one person feel vital is akin to an intimate patchwork, carefully crafted and woven over a lifetime of experience," said Tracey Halama, CEO of Vital Proteins. "I hope that these stories inspire people to discover what wellness looks like for them, while reminding them that it's often the simple, small things that shift your mindset and make the most impact."

For Addison, life is about connecting with those who always cheer you on and lift you up. Feel-good, authentic connections; there's no room for less. A sentiment Vital Proteins shares, Addison's journey explores taking inventory of life's passions, letting go of what no longer serves you, and protecting your energy.

Iskra Lawrence is a leader in the women's body confidence movement. For Iskra it is essential to reconnect with how you nourish your body. It's what helps you conquer everything on your to-do list with energy, strength and purpose. The secret to feeling your best starts with feeding your wellness, your way. 

Chase Tucker has long been connected to the fitness world, as he grew up in a household of athletes in Chicago and majored in kinesiology in college. From there, he worked in physical therapy before helping others improve their lives by working as a personal trainer, bootcamp instructor, and lifestyle coach. As much as your physical health matters, Chase also believes in being mindful and staying present by saying "no" to distractions in order to focus on what matters most. He encourages everyone to celebrate where they are at this very moment.

Silvy Araujo is a global leader in the fitness community, sharing her inspiring content on social media with the Latin female fitness community. She champions strengthening self-love, motivating all to love themselves and each other more every day, and always taking care of their health.

For a sneak peek at the upcoming product launches, please visit www.vitalproteins.com/wellnessisvital.

SOURCE: PR Newswire