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Arranti Lights Up Pack Expo Las Vegas

Behind every truly great sports supplement is a great formula, great distribution and of course great packaging! Pack Expo takes place every year in Las Vegas and is regarded as the world’s most comprehensive packaging event of the year. Exhibitors showcase the latest packaging machinery, materials, formats, delivery systems, processing systems etc. This year’s event just wrapped up with a total of 23,048 attendees! Of course, our good friends at Arranti displayed their latest innovations at this prestigious event.

Recognized as the #1 packaging supplier in the sports nutrition industry, many of the top supplement brands use Arranti’s packaging for protein bags/pouches, labels, RTD sleeves and more. Arranti proudly displayed the Dual Chamber Pouch technology that fans will recognize from Mutant Mass and Mutant Whey, which allows you to have 2 flavours in one package! This packaging innovation can be used for protein powder, weight gainers, or any supplement that comes in a bag/pouch. Not only did Arranti have a booth at the expo, but they took things to the next level with a video of their Dual Chamber Pouch on a giant digital board in the sky on the Las Vegas Strip!

“So proud of this moment. Wanting to say thank you to the Arranti team, Customers, Suppliers, family, for helping to make this day happen. Arranti. Taking Vegas Pack Expo by storm.”

– Jeff Herrington, CEO Arranti, commented when seeing the Arranti video proudly on display on the Westgate digital sign.

For more information on Arranti and the products they offer, be sure to visit the Arranti website and check them out on Instagram.

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