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Believe Launches 3 Flavours of New PUMP ADDICT SF

Believe Supplements

For many of us when we hit the gym, we are looking for a great pump, to build muscle, improve performance, and maybe even have a better mind-muscle connection, but not really looking for heavy stimulants for energy. Sometimes this is because we already drink a coffee or two before working out, or many of us even train late at night. This is where Believe Supplements, a proudly Canadian company based out of Blainville, Quebec, has the answer for us. Believe launches three flavours of the new Pump Addict SF, which is a premium stim-free pump-enhancer pre-workout.

The flavours of Believe Supplements Pump Addict SF available include Cyclone Pumpsicle, Sour Gummy Bears, and Unflavoured (yes, we do consider this to be a flavour option). This new product offers a non-stimulant alternative to their popular Pump Addict, which is the brand’s popular stimulant-based pre-workout.

Believe Supplements Pump Addict SF is comprised of a “pump matrix” which provides six grams of citrulline malate, two grams of agmatine sulfate, and one gram of L-leucine. Another beneficial element of the formula aids hydration with the inclusion of ingredients such as glycerol monostearate, Himalayan pink salt, trisodium citrate, potassium citrate, and magnesium glycinate. This new Believe Supplements Pump Addict SF is sold in a 350 gram bottle, which will provide you with 25 servings per container.

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