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Perfect Sports BCAA Hyper Clear Intense Swedish Sharks Candy Flavour

Perfect Sports

In October 2019, we previewed Perfect Sports new BCAA Hyper Clear. Please welcome the new Perfect Sports BCAA Hyper Clear Intense Swedish Sharks Candy flavour! This new release marks the fifth flavour in this line-up. Current flavour options include Intense Hawaiian Pineapple Candy, Intense Peach Rings Candy, Intense Watermelon Candy, and Unflavoured.

Perfect Sports BCAA Hyper Clear is pharmaceutical grade, providing 7.5 grams of vegan-sourced BCAAs per serving. It’s gluten-free, sugar-free, made with no artificial colours, and has zero carbohydrates. As mentioned in the original preview, the biggest difference with this product compared to others on the market, is the use of KaNaSol™ Buffered Technology, in the clinically proven 2:1:1 ratio.

KaNaSol™ Technology improves effectiveness due to the incredibly small particle size. This allows for better and faster absorption and allows Perfect Sports BCAA Hyper Clear to mix instantly with no foam or film on top. You will also notice there is no bitterness, or aftertaste found with many other free-form BCAA products.

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