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Elemetx Closes Their Business

It's with sadness that we share the news that Toronto-based supplement company Elemetx is no longer giving it a go. It was exactly 5 years ago today that they made their very first Instagram post and now we're unfortunately at the end. Elemetx was known for delivering unique sports supplements like NitroVegg (which is a vegan seed and egg white protein powder), plus what we feel was one of the best tasting pre-workouts ever made in their Bubble Gum Punch flavoured Payload-ATP! Not only did they have some innovative products, all their formulas didn’t hide behind proprietary blends. But most importantly, they had great people behind the brand.

Elemetx also supported numerous brand ambassadors and we often saw them sponsoring shows like the Arnold Sports Festival, Toronto Pro SuperShow and Vancouver Pro Show. Unfortunately, the products just never got on enough store shelves to realize their true potential. Although the doors may be closing, you might still be able to find some good deals on any stock that's around. We wish the team nothing but great success in the future.

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