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3D Energy Drink Coming to Canada


3D Energy is a low-calorie, sugar-free energy drink, that provides 200 mg of caffeine, with less carbonation than most other energy drinks on the market, to provide a smoother tasting product. These drinks have become well-known for their bold, minimal design matte-finished cans in striking colors. Even though they were not available in Canada, we've seen the US version throughout Canada as the drink is quite popular. Now you no longer need to make the trip across the border, as 3D Energy Drink is coming to Canada. The Canadian version of the drink will be coming out in the weeks ahead and is being distributed by Peak Performance Products. They will also be distributing the REIGN Body Fuel RTD which will come out around the same time. 3D Energy Drinks are available in a wide range of color-themed flavors like Blue (Blue Raspberry), Green (Lemon Lime), White (Citrus/Grapefruit), and more. We are not yet sure how the Canadian formula will differ from that in the US, or which flavors will initially be available, but we look forward to getting our hands on some

3D Energy, formerly known as UP Energy, is based in Louisville, KY, and was developed by Christian Guzman. If by chance you are not familiar with the name, Christian is widely recognized for his work as a model, entrepreneur, an all-around YouTube sensation, as well as the owner of Alphalete athletic apparel line.

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